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ICE Europe 2019
12th – 14th March 2019
Munich Trade Fair, Germany

RK PrintCoat Instruments manufacture a range of sample preparation equipment/ print testing equipment with one common theme, production of repeatable samples.

The equipment is mainly used in three areas R&D, QC and for small scale production of specialist products.  These samples are used for customer presentation samples, computer colour matching data, printability testing and to test for gloss, strength, weathering etc.

The major industrial users of RK equipment include ink and paint manufacturers, resin and dyestuff suppliers and manufacturers of textiles, adhesives, papers, films, foils and medical and pharmaceutical products.

RK’s machines have been installed worldwide for various application techniques most of which fall into the categories of Flexo, Gravure (including ink testing and ink proofing), Paste inks, Paints and Adhesives, and high tech coatings such as Printable Electronics.


Latest News:

September 2017 – Innovia Films based in the UK, and Gasgogne of France, become the latest customers to order the VCML from RK Print.
August 2017 –  DSM Netherlands upgrade to the VCM after 35 years seamless service with the Rotary Koater. Read More….
July 2017    –   Medherant Ltd (UK) order an RK VCML Lab Pilot Coating machine for their transdermal drug coatings.
June 2017   –  RK install their reel-to-reel  VCML lab pilot coating machine at Sigmund Lindner, Germany.
March 2017 –  RK Collaborate with National Centre for Flexible Electronics, IIT Kanpur Read More….