New High Speed Gravure Proofer (GP100) launched at IPEX

The IPEX show in Birmingham served as the launch pad for the introduction of the latest generation colour communication system from RK Print Coat Instruments – the quality control, product development and print/coat/ laminating technology specialist.

The K Gravure Proofer is a compact bench top device that enables users of press viscosity gravure ink to generate high quality proofs on any flexible substrate instantly.

The device incorporates a microprocessor- controlled servo-drive and employs the same electronically engraved printing plates that are used to great effect on the company’s revenue generating Printing Proofer system.

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University of Cork gives thumbs up to K202 Control Coater

To the uninitiated or those with only a minor knowledge of coating, the aims of a coating practitioner seem relatively easy to define: one must deposit a specially formulated fluid substance onto a high-speed (usually) web (substrate) and then dry it or cure it. If asked if that was all there was to coating, they would perhaps go on to say that the coating must be of a prescribed thickness, deposited in a uniform manner and in terms of appearance must be free of imperfections.

In practice coating is much more involved. It is an increasingly complex process directly and in-directly dependent upon many supply chain providers, including technology providers such as RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd, manufacturers of quality control, product monitoring and research and development devices and systems.

RK supply Renowned Blue-Chip Organisation with 3rd VCM

According to Tom Kerchiss, Managing Director of RK Print Coat Instruments, the colour communication and print/coat/laminate technology specialist: coating is a fast moving and more often than not a situation specific field, which can make it difficult for product manufacturers, their research and development personnel and for their suppliers – to be knowledgeable across the spectrum of technology.

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RK’s Offset & Flexo Colour communication device take the UV path at Lavelexpo

RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd, the colour communication and print/coat monitoring and product development technology specialist will show the NEW Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) with integrated UV curing capability at Labelexpo, Brussels – September 23rd -26th. The Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) with UV curing provides for quick, repeatable and highly accurate proofing of UV litho inks, UV web offset inks, UV letterpress inks and UV curable varnishes. The Paste Ink Proofer offers automated operation, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples.

Hand Coaters donated to Worthy Cause

Sample preparation system and coating technology specialist RK Print Coat Instruments is to ship three K Hand Coaters to medical research centres in Africa.

Tom Kerchiss, RK Print Coat Instruments Managing Director says that one Hand Coater is to be supplied to the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology at Mbita Point, Kenya. The second Hand Coater is being supplied to the Ifrakara Health Institute in Tanzania, while the third, is scheduled for supply to the National Institute of Communicable Disease in South Africa.

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Repeat Business, 5th FlexiProof for Toyo Inks

No matter what sort of manufacture a company undertakes, when a customer places a repeat order, an OEM has a right to feel pleased, for by and large it means the system or equipment supplied is fit for purpose and that the customer is satisfied with overall performance. However, when a repeat order is followed by another, and then another – there is good cause to pause and wonder what makes the equipment supplied so special.

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FlexiProof 100 now available with optional LED UV

A compact LED (Light Emitting Diode) UV curing system for use with LED optimised flexographic inks is now available from RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd and which can be integrated in as an option with the FlexiProof LED UV. The LED UV lamps offer a tailored output either at the important 385nm or 395nm wavelength.