RK backs a LeMans winner


Around 250,000 spectators including, sponsors’ RK Print Coat Instruments watched as Ben Barker of the Parr Motorsport team took the lead during the final lap of this 62 car race to win the Porsche Carrera Cup GB/Carrera Cup France at Le Mans on Sunday June 14th.

RK Print Coat Instruments Managing Director Tom Kerchiss says: “ In terms of sponsorship this was very much a last minute decision on our part. As a company we have never been involved in sponsorship, let alone motor racing but it has certainly paid off. The RK logo was highly visible on the side panel of the car and on the front of Ben’s helmet and we were pleased to support Ben and proud to be involved in this on-the–edge-of –your-seat venture.”

Continuing Tom Kerchiss noted: “ Ben Barker wasted no time at the La Sarthe circuit, posting the second fastest time in free practice despite his lack of experience on this particular circuit. Overall the 2014 Porsche Carrera Cup race proved to be a lively run up to the famous main event, Le Mans 24-hour race.”

Ben Barker’s appearance at Le Mans is just part of a busy schedule for this up and coming driver who hails from Cambridge – RKs own part of the world. So far Ben’s motor racing has taken him from Spain to Belgium, Monaco and Austria. Not to mention making his US motoring debut at the IMSA series in Detroit.

Finish“Wow!” a wide-eyed Barker exclaimed, “If I loved Le Mans before, I really love it now! That was an incredible race at an incredible venue and I am so happy to have come out on top. I got a great start and was able to pick Dillmann off early on, and then Bamber’s problem meant that I was able to hunt Estre down. It’s unfortunate that he suffered the puncture when he did, but that’s racing – it happens to all of us at some point – and I was glad that I was there to pick up the win.

"I want to say thanks to RK Printcoat Instruments, Ramair and Sesanti for their support for this iconic event and I pleased I could give them something to cheer.”

RK Print Coat Instruments may never have run a race, but they are no strangers to winning printing industry/trade press awards. The company won in the media hosted Innovation in Pre-press Technology category for the Flexiproof 100. A scaled down version of a flexographic production press that enabled users and producers of flexo inks to replicate real world production conditions and provide reproducible presentation samples.

The bench top FlexiProof 100 now joined by a dedicated UV system, the FlexiProof UV enables users to simulate flexographic printing for all pre-press applications; eliminating the need for product trials to be run on production printing presses and enabling a user to set standard procedures.  Both the original FlexiProof 100 and newer FlexiProof UV can be used for quality control purposes; for R & D and computer colour matching, etc.