Rotary Koater

The Rotary Koater is our entry level pilot coating machine introduced by RK in the 1980’s. This versatile unit enables users to refine and develop web coating and printing techniques in a laboratory environment.


  • Designed to print, coat or laminate almost all types of flexible webs such as papers, films and metallic foils, on a reel to reel basis.
  • For solvent, water and UV applications.
  • Coating and printing systems easily interchangeable.
  • Offers hot air, infra red and ultra violet drying/curing.
  • Web widths up to 305mm, with a speed range of 0.4 to 100 metres per minute.
  • Versatile and easy to install.

A selection of Standard Printing/Coating Processes are available, which can be configured to a variety of coating methods and satisfy a wide range of applications. These coating and printing systems are easily interchangeable.

Pdf Leaflet

Standard Layout of Rotary Koater Machine 

To see a comparison between the entry level Rotary Koater and our VCML standard Coater, click here.